Busia's Garden
1421 Noble Street, Chicago

Roger Glen, son of Evelyn Bieniasz Glen

Roger Glen, son of Evelyn Bieniasz Glen

Through about 1930, the property at 1423 Noble Street was occupied by the Czernecki Family, then it was vacated and torn down. That is when it fell into our hands and Busia Michalina became a landscape architect. She was a country girl at heart but with a great love for city life. She quickly realized that the stone retaining wall at the rear of the property was an ideal backdrop for her planned place of beauty within the city. With her baker's dozen (13) of children as her labor force, she accomplished her objective. Neighbors requested that their pictures be taken there and it became a popular spot for wedding parties to be photographed. Heck, after laying a wooden deck as a dance floor, my parents held their wedding reception there. And, of course, us grandchildren always sought an adventure in that garden. My grandmother - Michalina Rak Bieniasz.

They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. But that isn't always true. Our thing of beauty came to an end in 1957 with the construction of Chicago's Northwest Expressway. Today, our ancestral home lies under the shoulder and our garden under the inbound lanes of today's Kennedy Expressway. My buddy Lou Zajdel and I last paid a visit about ten years ago. (Above image)

Wedding reception - Joseph Bieniarz and Stephanie Kurpiewska

Melvin and Armella, children of Elizabeth Bieniasz Sierakowski

iMchalina Rak Bieniarz, 1884-1961

Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA, 2017