Wislanie Snapshot
Map One
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2002-2007
Original Source: Unknown
CAUTION: No original source reference was provided with this map.
Map Two
Map Three
This Polish map identifies the seven major West Slavic tribes (Wieleci/Veleti, Pomorzanie/Kaszubians, Polanie/Polanians, Mazowszanie/Mazovians, Wislanie/Vistulans, Czesi/Czechs, and Slowacy/Slovaks) which were prominent in the 9th Century as well as numerous, smaller West Slavic tribes. Two hundred years later, several West Slavic tribes were in the process of amalgamating to form the Polish nation.

Most Russian anthropological sources place the originating point of the Slavic tribes as the Pripet Marshes while Polish sources usually place the "Slav Homeland" as lying between the Oder and Bug Rivers. Personally, I lean towards the Pripet (Prypec) Marshes as being the "Slavic Homeland".

This map by Iwo Pogonowski illustrates the first steps toward amalgamation and nationhood, highlighting the growing dominance of the Polanie/Polanians and Wislanie/Vistulans and their influence in the region in the 9th Century.