Polish Christmas Carols Collected by Gene Mikrut
Gdy Sie Chrystus Rodzi
Lulajze, Jezuniu
Dzisiaj w Betlejem
Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy
W Zlobie Lezy
Sliczna Panienka
Przybiezeli do Betlejem
Dzwon Dzwon Dzwon
Pojdzmy Wyszyscy do Stajenki
Triumfy Krola Niebieskiego
Cicha Noc
Biala Gwiazda
Gdy Sliczna Panna
Jezus Malusienki
Cieszmy Sie i Pod Niebiosy
Santa Must Be Polish

"The more that I perform, the more that I see a need for preserving our Polish folk music, songs, and dances in a published form. Over the years, I have played at many Christmas parties for various Polish-American organizations. During some portion of the party, I would stroll and play and get the guests to participate in a koledy sing-along. As I played for guests at one table, guests seated at the other tables joined in with the singing. This was always a high point of the night.

About ten years ago, I noticed that people who were raised in Polish-speaking homes started to forget the words to the koledy. Participation from guests at other tables started to dwindle. More and more people I knew there were still people who loved singing the koledy, but they were seated too far apart to make the strolling part effective.

In an effort to keep the tradition alive, I typed and printed the words of koledy into song sheets. At the party, I would announce that I had song sheets for koledy but that I needed some volunteers to come to the stage and form a chior to sing to the rest of the audience. This has worked out great; the audience joins in. I never run short of volunteers wanting to sing on the stage. Everyone looks forward to the koledy sing-along. It has become the highlight of the evening again."

-- Gene Mikrut

Sheet music and lyrics are courtesy of Gene Mikrut, Chicago musician and polka columnist. You are welcome to copy or download them.

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