Polish Toasts Collected by Gene Mikrut
Niechaj Zyja Nam
Sto Lat - 1
Sto Lat - 2
Siedzialy Golebie
Niech Zyja Nam Prezesi
Gwiazdka Pomyslnosci
Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela

Through the years, the most popular Polish toast has been "Sto Lat". However, a new generation of Poles - who can be described as the Polish counterpart of the term "Baby Boomers" - have adopted a newer version of "Sto Lat" using the melody of a Goral folk song. Both versions of "Sto Lat" are included with other Polish toasts.

Although not a toast, I have also included the Polish national anthem in this series. The reason for this is because the programs of many Polish commemorative celebrations will conclude with a "Sto Lat" to the organization and the Polish national anthem.

If anyone has a question or suggestion pertaining to the music I have included on this web site, feel free to e-mail at G.MIKRUT@ATT.NET .

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Gene Mikrut

Sheet music and lyrics are courtesy of Gene Mikrut, Chicago musician and polka columnist. You are welcome to copy or download them.

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