Polish Wedding Music
(Actually, Polish-American Wedding Music)
By Gene Mikrut

This collection contains easy to read musical arrangements, plus the words and midi recording if available.
Musical Arrangements:
Polish Wedding March
Tesknota Za Ojczyzna
Wesele u Witosa
Krakowiak Weselny
Dwanascie Aniolow
Dwanascie Listeczkow
Iskiereczka Ognia
Tiri-Um-Tum Oberek
Oj Nasza Kasia
Serdeczna Matko
Kochanka Polka
Bride Dance
Gene's Earlier Report
Polish Wedding March

There are actually two marches commonly referred to as "The Polish Wedding March" and sometimes as "The Grand March". The first is the Polish Wedding March which closely resembles "March of the Sokols". The second is "Tesknota Za Ojczyzna", also known as "Marsz Powiltany", and is probably favored more in areas located east of Detroit. It is also a favorite at Ukrainian and Slovak weddings.

The Krakowiak

The Krakowiak, a very important part of Polish wedding music, was traditionally the first dance to officially start the wedding celebration. Every dancer followed the exact steps or manuevers required in this dance. At intervals there would be a brief pause followed by the dancers, in unison, giving a loud 1-2-3 stomp on the floor.

I recall another fun part when couples were dancing in a line and then one couple would stop, raise their arms, and form an arch. The next couple would dance through the arch, stop, and form another arch next to the first couple. This continued to the point that a continuous arch or tunnel went from one end of the dance hall to the other.

I remember eating in a lower hall while the music continued in the hall above. When the dancers did that 1-2-3 stomp during the Krakowiak, it sounded like the ceiling or dance floor was going to collapse. Today, most people simply consider these polkas and most likely improvise their own dance steps to the music.

Krakowiak titles: "Wesele u Witosa", "The Krakowiak", and "Krakowiak Weselny".

Music Associated with the Unveiling

"Odczepiny", "Dwanascie Aniolow", and "Dwanascie Listeczkow". Dwanascie Aniolow and Listeczkow are examples of a certain song being a favorite over another in a certain region. The words for both songs are the same and the actual music varies so very slightly that most people would not be able to tell the difference even if both songs were played back to back.

Other Favorite Wedding Songs

"Iskiereczka Ognia Polka", "Tiri-Um-Tum Oberek", "Od Nasza Kasia Oberek", and "Bride Dance Polka". The Bride Dance Polka is actually a Slovak folk tune that is very popular in some Polish communities and virtually unknown in other communities.


"Serdeczna Matko". This song must be requested in advance by the bride or family member. It is traditionally played at the bride's house as she leaves home, making her way to a carriage, wagon, or auto that is waiting to drive the bride to the church.

If anyone has a question or suggestion pertaining to the music I have included on this web site, feel free to e-mail at G.MIKRUT@ATT.NET .

For performing information, search for "Music By Gene Mikrut".

Gene Mikrut

Sheet music and lyrics are courtesy of Gene Mikrut, Chicago musician and polka columnist. You are welcome to copy or download them.

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