Folk Attire around Krosno and Jaslo
The Foothills of the Tatra Mountains Region of Historic Malopolska

Historic Malopolska originally had two regions: Ziemia Sandomierzska and Ziemia Krakowska. Since the beginning of written accounts of medieval Poland, residents have had their own unique and colorful  fashion style which distinguished them from folks in other regions. In the 1340s, King Kazimierz the Great made the momentous decision of solving two problems at the same time. He invited the Sorbs, members of the West Slavic Lusatian Tribe, who suffered under constant Germanic encroachment in their homeland in Saxony and Branderburg, to join him in his Polish realm which still suffered from the effects of the Mongol Invasions. So, the Sorbs came by the thousands to help pioneer and resettle the wild frontier of SE Poland. When the Sorbs left Lusatia. they dressed in the fashion shown in the above two images. 700 years later and in SE Poland, their Pogorzanie folk attire looks like the images below. Why the difference? Look closely at their costumes. They borrowed from both the Rzeszow and Highlander styles as they assimilated and Polonized.

Historic Malopolska
Map of 14th Century Malopolska during the reign of King Casimir the Great


Background Music: Zegnal Goral Polka (Bright Star)
Karen Wisniewski & Dennis Benarz, 2015