�� Poland's Highway 4

Route 4 at Tarnow
Poland's Highway 4
European Route E40

In ancient times, long before nations became states in Europe, an east-west trade trade route linked Krakow with Kiev. When several West Slavic tribes amalgamated to form the Polish nation and the Kingdom of Poland, this trade route, sometimes called "the Russian Trail", became the National Road in Malopolska. Villages along the route became towns and Poles settled ever eastward along its course. Eventually, the Karol Ludwig Railway was built running parallel to it and linked Krakow to Lwow. Today, this ancient trade route is known as "Autostrada 4" or "Highway 4" and is designated "E40" by the European Union.

It is easy to take for granted something that appears to have always existed and to overlook its historical significance. Today we take a moment to recognize a road that has added much to the richness of our heritage.

Route 4 at Lubzina

Route 4 near Rzeszow

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