Chrystus Frasobliwy

My Bieniasz ancestors lived in eastern Malopolska in SE Poland at the edge of the Great Sandomierz Forest. So, it's no wonder that my family has always had an affinity to wood and things made of various woods.
While my unpretentious collection includes items such as a carved bear, a highlander violinist, plates with the Polish eagle, Easter eggs, and a highlands walking stick, my favorite piece is that of "Chrystus Frasobliwy" or "Jesus Pondering". It is immediately familiar to native Poles and can be found in small shrines and kapliczkas throughout Poland. It is such a common piece of Polish folk art that a postage stamp was issued as a form of recognition. However, in Poland "Chrystus Frasobliwy" is not so much an expression of art as it is the spirituality of the artist.

Dennis Benarz with kapliczka containing a woodcarving of Chrystus Frasobliwy
Chicago: Dennis Benarz with kapliczka containing Chrystus Frasobliwy

Detroit: Karen Wisniewski's Chrystus Frasobliwy


Background music: Chopin, Opus 7, #1
Karen Wisniewski & Dennis Benarz, USA 2007