in and around Straszecin Parish

Some of our collaborating researchers have put their family data from the Straszecin Parish area online. It is not enormous and all-encompassing; it is merely information we gathered while researching our family histories. But we're happy to share it with you. You are welcome to browse through it.

BARTNIK and B's in Zasow Parish
BIENIASZ in Glowaczowa
BIENIASZ in Borowa
BIENIASZ in Grabiny
BIENIASZ in Gora Motyczna
BURAS in Pilzno Parish
RAK in Grabiny
RAK in Straszecin Parish
WIELOCH in Chotowa


Chris Owens, Dennis Benarz, Marek Buras,
Sandy Healy, Tom Wieloch

Regional Interactive Map
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Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2004