by Father Boguslaw Czech
In 1888, Father Antoni Piatkowski (pastor, 1878-1911) made the decision that a new church was needed. Subsequent pastors, Father Jan Puskarz (1911-1945) and Father Stefan Jasica (1945-1980) became involved with the building project. Foundation work on the new house of worship began in 1931. In 1936, the exterior walls reached a height of 3.20 meters. And in 1948, the exterior of the basic structure was completed. On 3 September 1950, the new church was blessed by Bishop Jan Stepa and dedicated "Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary". In the year 1980, the church was consecrated by Bishop Jan Styrn. 
Straszecin is one of the oldest villages in the valley of the lower Wisloka River. These villages grew around "the Russian trail" (the amber trade route linking Krakow to Kiev) and were founded by the Gryffits. The oldest written record about Straszecin is from the year 1239 AD.

Straszecin Parish arose in the second half of the 13th Century. In the mid-14th Century, there existed the Decanate of Straszecin. In 1693-1792, Straszecin was the site of Mensjonariuszy College and the office of its provost. From 1669, there was a hospital. The parish school was built in 1527, destroyed during the Northern Wars, and rebuilt again by Father Antoni Piatkowski in 1882. 
Over time, villages separated from the sprawling parish:  Zdzary (1890), Golemki (before 1936), Chotowa (1942), Zyrakow (1952), Gora Motyczna (1980). At present, Straszecin Parish consists of Straszecin, Glowaczowa (new chapel built in 1981-1986), Grabiny, Przyborow, and Wola Wielka.

The wooden church, built in the later 13th Century, was one of the oldest in the area. Over the years, the church was changed and modified. In the 15th and 16th Centuries it was rebuilt and in the 18th Century it was enlarged. But, after a fire at the rectory and some adjoining buildings, the church hopelessly deteriorated. 
Translated by Grace Skowron from:
HISTORIA by Father Boguslaw Czech, 2004

Photos contributed by:
TOP - Franciszek Bieniasz
CENTER - Karen Wisniewski
BOTTOM - Marek Buras
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2004