A Legacy of Fine Horses

Pride of Poland

The Polish President, Bronislaw Komorowski, opened a show of Arabian horses in Lublin on Friday, 5 August 2011. The President viewed the top Arabian thoroughbreds in Poland at the Janow stud facility in the village of Wygoda. He also took a carriage ride as part of the opening of the 33rd Polish National Arabian Horse Show.

The leader said, "the Polish love of horses takes on a particular dimension in the history of our nation. It is therefore important in such a beautiful and unique place to think for a moment of how the horse is part of the Polish heart and soul."

My grandfather, the first generation of my family here in North America, owned a team of draft horses when he farmed for a time in Wisconsin. His children, however, were more interested in horsepower than horses. But some of his grandchildren could not shed their innate affection for horses and are currently horse owners in Colorado, Montana, and Illinois. Yes, it is part of the Polish heart and soul.

Horses in Krakow

Draft Horses At Work

Draft Horses At Work

Draft Horses at Work

Polish Arabian Horses 2009

Polish Arabian Horses

"Horses in the Sky"

I Love My Horse

Karen Wisniewski & Dennis Benarz, USA 2011