Source: Katolik, Officialne Wydawnictwo Archidiecezji Chicago w Jezyku Polskim
Vol. 1, Numer 2, Listopad 2006, str. 15
The author of this beautiful poem prays for her native land, treasuring dearly her memories of its fields of poppies and wildflowers, the scent of its evergreens, and the richness of its history. When Ewa Bielanski left her native Poland, her mother gave her a picture of Our Lady of Jasna Gora with the words, "Child, remember and be on guard". Here is a translation of the ending of "Prayer From An Emigrant's Heart".

My Poland, my native land, you are bound to God.
You are a kingdom of Jesus' mother
who chose the throne at Jasna Gora.

My Poland, I am just like many other emigrants
Tied to my roots, my traditions.
We all are still your children
Even if living in some other parts of the world.

Poland, we remember you.
We send our children to Polish schools to learn your language,
your history and prayers.

Oh my Poland, there is still an uncertain feeling in my heart
When I see materialism pressing into your borders
And removing God from young people's hearts,
Where Polish families are coming apart,
When the elderly and lonely are being forgotten.
They forgot about you, my native Poland.

Oh Mary, Poland's queen and mine,
I kneel before you whispering these words of prayer,
"I am beside you. I remember. I am on guard".

Background music: Gounod's "Ave Maria"
Contributor - Louis Zajdel
Color Image & Translation - Grace Skowron
Editor - Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2006