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Bak                         horsefly
Bala                        tells tales or
Bal (Hungarian)
Baran                     ram
Barnas                   family of Barney
Bednarz                 cooper , barrel maker
Bidus                      needy, lament,
Bieniasz                 family of Benny
Bonarek                 related to Boniface

Drobot                    walks quickly with small steps
Dydo                       grandfather, old man

Ferens                    Francis/
Ferenc (Hungarian)

Gardomir, proud, haughty
Gawle                     Gallus (Latin first name)

Jablonowski         apple tree

Kaczor                    drake
Kania                      kite, bird
Konopka                 hemp
Koza                        goat
Krupa                      groat, 4-cent piece
Krzemien               flint
Kubek                     mug, tumbler
Kurtyka                   bobtail
Lach                       rag, clothes
Lada                       goddess of love, harmony
Lakomy                  greedy, gluttonous
Lenczowski           flax or lazy-bones or Leonard
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Some Origins and Meanings
Sources: William F. Hoffman, Grace Skowron, and me
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2002-2005
Straszecin Parish in Debica County
Straszecin Parish had hundreds of families as parishioners. Forgive me for only presenting the meaning of a handful of surnames.

Surnames in Poland became necessary when the population of an area grew in size to warrant them. In our area of Malopolskie, they probably came into popular use by 1600-1650.

Galician surnames generally are unembellished by such suffixes as
-ski and -wicz that characterize northern and eastern Polish surnames. Ours tend to be simple and to the point, much like our ancestors were.

Surnames across Europe might be categoried into groups of who, what, where, or when. The
who group identifies a name or nickname of an ancestor. It might also include idiocyncrasies and prominent personal features. The what group uses an occupation, possession, or object used by an ancestor. The where group indicates a place or natural feature. The when group uses a day, month, or season.  It might also include such timely events as zodiac signs and stellar constellations.

If you enjoy this topic, I highly recommend "Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings" by William F. Hoffman. It is available at the reference section of many public libraries or can be purchased online from several sources.
Notes on Surnames
Village Name:         Origin:
Bobrowa                     Beaver
Borowa                       Place of forest-dwellers
Chotowa                     Campground, crude bed
Czarna                        Black
Dabie                          Oaks
Debica                        Place of oaks (or today "Oak City")
Glowaczowa                People with big heads, chiefs
Golemki                      Large (place)
Gora Motyczna            Hoe Hill  (or "High Hoe, High Hoe" )
Grabiny                       Place of hornbeam trees
Latoszyn                     Summer place
Lipiny                          Place of linden trees
Pilzno                         Felt cloth
Roza                           Rose
Straszecin                   Frightening place, Creepy Hollow
Wiewiorka                   Squirrel
Wola Mala                   Small colony    
Wola Wielka                Large colony
Wola Zyrakowska         Colony of Zyrakow
Zasow                          Beyond the pines
Zawada                        Obstacle, fortress
Zdzary                         Thicket, overgrown, shaggy
Zyromir's place (ancient pagan name)
Micek                      Mikolaj / Nicholas
Milas                       dear one,
Miloslaw / Milobor

Niemiec                  mute, a German

Piatek                      Friday
Pekala                     short and stout
Pienieczek              wealthy
Piekos                     pretty, nice
Piwowarczek          brewer
Pluta                        spitter

Rak                         Cancer (zodiac), crab
Rej                          dance, reins

Sak                          fishing net, sack
Sliwa                       plum, sloe
Sliwka                     plum, sloe
Skowron                 skylark
Sujdak                     worry or fuss
Swierczek               cricket
Szalwa                    shawl
Szot                          lean, wizened (Hungarian)
Szymaszek             Simon/

Wieloch                  important person
Wisniewski            cherry tree

Zaborowski           beyond the woods or
Zawislak                beyond the Wisla River
Zima                       winter
Zmuda                    Zmudz a Lithuanian region
Zurawski                crane
Zurek                      a Lenten soup
Zurowski                town of Zurow or Zurowice
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Last Update: 7 March 2005