An item in Slownik Geograficzny, Warsaw, 1895:


Zdziarzec also known as Zdzarzec, with Janowiec, villages in Pilzno County on sandy plains (225 meters above sea level), near the road from Czarna to Radomysl (near Debica), 3-7 kilometers to the south. Having a Roman Catholic parish, 184 homes and 868 residents (434 men and 434 women), 842 Roman Catholics and 26 Jews. It has a noble estate (Marcina Trybulca) with an area of 735 morgs, including 214 morgs of forests and 12 morgs of sand dunes. The minor estates have an area of 1128 morgs...

Besides the parish church erected in 1874 is the brick chapel at the cemetery. This parish, part of the Diocese of Tarnow and decanate of Radomysl, consists of Dulcze Wielka and Zarowka. Zdziarzec borders with Wolka Dulecka on the north, Dabrowka to the east, Zarowka on the west, Przeryry Bor and Dabie to the south.

Contributed by: Diana Grzelak Needham
Translated by: Dennis Benarz

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