Synod of Orthodox bishops at Brest in 1594
Union of Brest, 1595

Pope Clement VIII
Bishop of Rome

It began as a secret document jointly drawn up by Orthodox bishops Balaban of Lwow, Pelczycki of Minsk, and Zbiruiski of Chelm just a few days before the Orthodox synod at Brest convoked by Metropolitan Rahosa in June 1590. But, over time, the idea gained support and by 1594 Metropolitan Rahosa and bishops Pociej, Terlecki, Gregory, and Hohal had added their signatures. It was a petition appealling to Polish King Sigismund III and Pope Clement VIII to allow them to rejoin the body of the Catholic Church.

Rejoicing, Pope Clement VIII solemnly and publicly proclaimed an end to the Great Schism as it affected worshippers in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1595.

This bold reconciliation, which became known at the Union of Brest, was not without its detractors, among them the Prince of Ostrog  and the Orthodox bishops of Lwow and Przemysl. Momentous events are never without detractors.


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