Grand Duke Jagiello and Queen Jadwiga holding court.
Union of Krewo, 1385
Jadwiga. beloved Queen of Poland
Saint Jadwiga (Hedwig), Queen of Poland
The patron saint of queens and of United Europe
"Jagiello, Grand Duke of Lithuania, with his brethren, pledges to heed the obligation he took upon himself if he marries Polish Queen Jadwiga..."      (From the Union of Krewo)



Jadwiga was the third daughter of King Louis I of Hungary and Elisabeth of Bosnia. Born in 1373, she was queen of Poland from 1384 until her death in 1399. Her marriage to Grand Duke Jagiello of Lithuania loosely united the two countries and started the Jagiellonian Dynasty.

With the Union of Krewo, Poles and Lithuanians finally had the opportunity to develop their economies. A lucrative agricultural export market became the foundation for Poland's wealth and prosperity. This prosperous period was further augmented by the selection of the first elected Polish king at Kamien near Warsaw in 1569, the creation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and adoption of The Golden Liberty in 1573.

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