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The War Cemetery at Debica, 2002

>Destroyed shrine in Glowaczowa, 1945

The chapel in Glowaczowa, 1945

The parish church at Straszecin, 1945

Remembering the fallen at Debica, 1945


This webpage is a tribute to ordinary common people who performed extraordinary deeds in uncommon circumstances when both humanity and civilization were threatened by great evils. May God hold them tenderly in His hand and may we hold them dearly in memory.

Karen Wisniewski & Dennis Benarz, USA 2002-2005, 2012

Bridge over Wisloka River at Grabiny, 1944

Kaluzowka, 1944

Kaluzowka, 1944

Burial of Major Klamry, Kaluzowka, 1944

Debica, 1944

Soviets in Debica, 1944

AK - the Polish Underground Army, 1944

AK - the Polish Underground Army, 1944

Gathering the Nazis, Debica, 1944

Soviet honors, Debica, 1945

The original contents of the website "Motownwiz" (www.geocities.com/motownwiz) were destroyed by an irrational genealogist from Pennsylvania in March 2005. All of the tedious research of local events in World War II amassed by an innocent research collaborator in Detroit is gone. This is the only page that was salvaged. We have kept this web page, modified and amended over the years, as a memorial to the victims of hatred and prejudice, old and new. Our websites have been attacked by religious zealots, social fanatics, "reformed" communists and more recently genealogists. Throughout our existence, we have always successfully fended off such attacks except in this one instance. Why is there so much hatred in this world? Perhaps because some people refuse a place for God in their hearts and cannot find peace within themselves.

Update: This web page was created in May 2008 as a partial substitution for the lost data. Click: Righteous Among Men.

Dennis Benarz
Editor, Spuscizna Group

"Mute Witness"
Niemy swiadek holokaustu
Gabriel Zygmunt, Debica, 2002