Wildflowers growing in Glowaczowa, a village in Straszecin Parish
Wildflowers in
Southeast Poland

Dziurawiec or St. John's wort

Blawatki or blue flax

Lilies of the Valley decorate the woodland grave of unknown soldiers
It was one of those blue sky, puffy cloud days. Very warm, pleasant. The woods keeping the area cooler than most places. I remember thinking how charming it was at the edge of the woods.

Robert pointed out the large areas where there were blawatki (blue flax) growing in a field from Grabiny looking towards the woods of Glowaczowa. There was dziurawiec (Saint John's wort) and brzozy (birches) blanketing the fields. Very beautiful. And the field nearest the narrow strip of woods was filled with koniczyna (clover) and this was very, very neat to see, blowing in the wind. It was getting tall.

Years ago my Uncle Rudek would walk from Gora Motyczna to his Sliwka family in Glowaczowa and when he walked through these woods he would be singing loudly.

When we came to the clearing in Karolowka, near where the old Bieniasz place used to be, in front of us was the road - still very narrow and rocky. Ahead a sign read "Grodoniowka" but a lone house made of wood with a white roof bore the address "116 Glowaczowa".

The photos on this page, those are the flowers. The blue and the yellow. I don't know what their names are in English.


- Reminiscences of Karen Wisniewski



Photos by Elise Gawle, 2006
Text by Karen Wisniewski, 2009
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2009