Part of an interview of Father Eugeniusz Habura by Bernadetta Nicos in 1998.
Translated by Grace Skowron

Zdziarzec Parish belongs to the group of oldest parishes in the area, with its beginnings in the 13th century. The oldest known document referring to the parish is dated 1320 A.D.

Until 1938, the parish consisted of four villages: Zdziarzec, Zarowka, Dulcza Wielka, and Janowiec. In 1939, Janowiec became an independent rectory and today it is an independent parish. In 1984-89, the auxiliary chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "The Queen of Poland", was erected in Zarowka.

During World War II, the parish area was the site of military movements and this caused the displacement of the resident population. This also caused great material losses; houses were burned and all possessions were destroyed. Because of the war, the church itself suffered severely as well. Only some walls and the presbytery survived the war. The church was later rebuilt by parishioners under the supervision of Father Zygmunt Zajac. At present, the church is well-maintained and beautiful. Zdziarzec Parish is currently comprised of Zdziarzec, Zarowka, and a portion of Dulcza Wielka called Swierze.

The parish shrine, "Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary", was originally built in 1872 and was blessed by Bishop Lobos in 1886. It was renovated in 1925.


Grace Skowron, Miroslaw Wnuk, and Dennis Benarz, 2003-2005