Photo 2009:   .   .                     The well - the last vestige of the old Krzemien farm in Glowaczowa, destroyed in 1944-45.
Jozef Krzemien
1920 - 2010

"Josef loved children, loved to joke around with them. Jozef's brother was a priest. Jozef was a native of Glowaczowa. And when we finished at the Bieniasz farm there, he asked me to take a picture of his old homestead too in Glowaczowa. Even though the house was gone, he asked me to take a picture of the well in the front yard. He said that he loved the land, he loved Glowaczowa."

"When I saw Jozef, in the yard, surreptitiously blessing our car before our research trip to Mazovia, my heart was really moved. I came downstairs as we were packing. Jozef put his hands on the hood of the car, lowered his head and silently prayed. Then he came over to me and held my hand. I asked him what he had there? He shyly showed me his little vial of Holy Water that he had cupped in his palm. Robert got nervous and thought I would say "Oh this crazy old man and his Holy Water!" But instead I told Jozef "thank you!" He kissed my hand, then held out the water and took my cane from other hand and blessed it too and prayed that it would always hold me up."

-- Karen Wisniewski

"We are shocked. Beata and I were in the hospital 20 minutes after his death. Thank you for everything. Please pray for him and for Bronia especially, she is very very sad... But before arrival of ambulance, our grandfather knew that he is going down. He said to everybody good bye and told hello to new arrivals (even he called me and Beata by our names - he still was thinking clearly and praying for us), kept the holy candle in hands, kissed the picture of Saint Joseph, and few minutes later in ambulance he lost consciousness. About one hour later he died. Nobody believes...."

-- Robert Zasadni

Karen Wisniewski & Dennis Benarz, USA 2010