The Rak Family
of Grabiny in Straszecin Parish

Our Known Rak Ancestry

TOMASZ RAK (1796-1860) married MARIANNA OSOCHA (1796-1858) on 24 November 1813 at the parish church at Straszecin. Their known children (with christening dates) are listed below. It is believed that he is the son of JOZEF RAK (c.1760-18..) of Grabiny. Upon Marianna Osocha's death in 1858, Tomasz Rak married Malgorzata Szymaszek Ferens.

MARIA RAK (2 October 1814 - November 1814)
SIMON RAK (17 October 1818-....), Wives: K. Piekos, M. Pekala
JOZEF RAK (11 February 1821 - November 1826)
MALGORZATA RAK (22 June 1823-....), Husband: Peter Wielgocki
STANISLAW RAK (3 May 1826-....)
SEBASTIAN RAK (10 January 1829-....)

SIMON RAK (1818-....) married KATARZYNA PIEKOS (1822-1849) at the Straszecin parish church in September, 1843. She was the daughter of Jakob Piekos and Theresa Zwydek. Their known children are:

MARIA RAK (23 September 1844 - ....), Husband: Jacob Zurek
TECLA - 27 November 1846
BARBARA - 20 October 1849

Following the death of Katarzyna, SIMON RAK married MARIANNA PEKALA at the Straszecin parish church around 1850. He was the son of TOMASZ RAK (1796-....) and MARIANNA OSOCHA (1796-1858). She was the illegitimate daughter of MALGORZATA PEKALA and likely a fellow from the GORLEJ clan (through DNA testing).Their known children:

JOZEF RAK (26 January 1851 - 1907?), Wife: Magdalena Niemiec
MAGDALENA RAK (1852-1863)
JAN RAK (15 April 1854-1924) Wife: Marianna Niemiec
KATARZYNA RAK (2 February 1856-....)
PAWEL RAK (3 May 1857-....)
APOLONIA RAK (1858-1859)
MATEUSZ (19 February 1860-....)
TOMASZ RAK (1861-1864)
MICHAEL RAK (15 May 1863-....)
Girl (Stillborn) - 27 December 1866
JAKOB RAK (1868-1868)
Girl (Stillborn) - 10 January 1869


Jan Rak

JAN RAK of Grabiny (1852-1924) married MARIA NIEMIEC (1856-1932) at the Straszecin parish church.

Their children were:

STANISLAW RAK (1880-1955)
Maria Milas
Married at St. Ann Church,Chicago in 1910. Four children: Michalina (born in Chicago 1911), Jan, Bronislaw, Paulina. They returned to Poland to run the family farm.

MICHALINA RAK (1884-1961)
Stanislaw Bieniarz (1876-1942)
Married at Straszecin parish church 1904. 13 children.

ANIELA (Angela) RAK (1889-1923)
Andrew Balon (d.1936)
Married St. Adalbert Church 1911. Four children.

BRONISLAWA (Bernice) RAK (1888-1927)
John Wulkowicz
Married St. Adalbert Church, Chicago in 1911.
Five children, two survived to adulthood.

JULIA RAK (1888-????)
Emigrated to Chicago and stayed with sister Aniela Rak. Results unknown.


PAWEL (Paul) RAK (1888?-1948)
Emigrated to Chicago. Divorced. No children.


The ranking of the children by birth is believed correct. Many birth years have been extrapolated from immigration and census records.

Jozef Rak

JOZEF RAK (1851-1907?) of Grabiny married MAGDALENA APOLONIA NIEMIEC (1849-19..) of Grabiny. She was the daughter of Jozef Niemiec (1820-1852), son of Jakob Niemiec (1784-18..) and Anna Dydo (1791-18..), and Apolonia Rak* (1825-18..), daughter of Pawel Rak and Marianna Piekos.

Their children were:

BRONISLAWA RAK (1884-????)

WOJCIECH (Albert) RAK (Rock)(1883-1956)
Anna Kuroske (1892-1972)
Three children: Joseph Rock (1913-1945), Louis William Rock (1915-1970) and Emilia Margaret Rock (1917-1965). Married in Illinois. Settled in California.

KAROLINA RAK (1888-1930)
Emigrated to Chicago.

LUDWIK (Louis) RAK (Rock) (1888-1970)
Anastazya Szwandrok
Married at Chicago City Hall 1931. Their children were Helen Rock (1931-) and John Rock (1932-1970)

JAN (John) RAK (1892-???)
Emigrated to Chicago.

ANNA RAK (????-????)
Believed to have remained in Poland.

While the birth years may be incorrect, the ranking of the the children by birth should be correct.


* Following the death of Jozef Niemiec, Apolonia Rak married Jozef Pienieczek.


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