Parish festival at Kamionka, September 2006.

Spuscizna Magazine
Text by Dionizy Bieniasz
Photos by Jan Olko

Inside this exciting issue:

  • Wisloka 2005 - Kayak Race on the Wisloka River
  • Piknik near Pilzno by Marek Buras
  • On Being Polish-American by Bishop Thomas Wenski
  • A Visit to the Kresy, 2006
  • Debica's Jewish Cemetery by Karen Wisniewski
  • Synagogue in Debica by Karen Wisniewski
  • All Saints Day by Klaudia Rzeszut
  • .

    On Entering Autumn and the Autumn of Our Lives

    SYLWIA AND DANIEL OLKO by Jan Olko, 2003
    You're never too young to pick strawberries...
    GRZYBOBRANIE by Jan Olko, 2006
    but wild mushrooms require special knowledge and skills...
    ZEMBRZA SUDOL by Jan Olko, 2006
    as do herbs harvested from the wild.
    ZEMBRZA SUDOL by Jan Olko, 2006
    If you are willing to listen, a veteran is eager to teach you.