Now retired, the original McDonalds Restaurant in Des Plaines (Chicago) IL. Photo by Wesley Waniak, 2009.

Members of the Spuscizna Group often reflect on the modification and evolution of Polish customs in North America. Customs must invariably adapt when transplanted across an ocean to new soils. But, the same holds true for American traditions that take root in Poland. Consider a truly American tradition, McDonalds, which now has over two hundred outlets in Poland and it's still growing.

McDonalds in Debica, photo by Debica City Magazine

McDonalds in Tarnow, photo by Dick Slowik

McDonalds in Warsaw, photo by Wesley Waniak

Consider this partial menu from Poland. Similar offerings but not exactly the same.

Menu images contributed by Dick Slowik

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Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2009

"We do it all for you!"