Genuine Polish Fast Food
For a genuine and authentic fast food that's truly native to Poland, you have to try zapiekanka. It is a popular and low-cost fast food that can be found throughout Poland. Cut a loaf of French bread in half, remove a bit of the bread from the center creating a shallow depression, and add mushrooms, ham (or other meats), vegetables, and cheese. Then toast it until the cheese melts.

Its many variations include zapiekanka Hawaiian with pineapple and zapiekanka grecka with olives and Greek feta cheese. Often it is topped with dressings like ketchup or chives.

Watch out, McDonalds!


Fast food spot near the Rzeszow train station

Our photographer, Dick Slowik, stuffing his face.


Now what you choose, in terms of a beverage, to accompany your zapiekanka is entirely up to you. Some of our sources insist that only an authentic Polish beer will make this delightful eating experience complete. They even offer their preference as to the brand.



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Photos by Dick Slowik
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2009