Przyborow Manor
Home of the Jablonowski and Rey Families

NEWS ITEM - From research collaborator Marek Buras, 20 February 2007: "It has been decided that Przyborow Manor will be completely rebuilt with funding from the European Union. It is the only real architectual example of a manorhouse built in the so-called 'Zakopane Style'. It was designed by Stanislaw Witkiewicz, founder of the style and father of the famous painter and writer 'Witkacy'."

A manor surrounded by a forested estate existed in Glowaczowa for many centuries. In 1894, Mikolaj Rey, descendant of the father of Polish literature and a member of parliament and marshall of Pilzno, decided to build a new manorhouse on the site. Stanislaw Witkiewicz, who founded the Zakopane style of architecture, designed the mansion based on a rectangular floorplan. The first floor of the structure was built of brick and included a sun parlor while the upper floors were of frame construction.

During the time that Mikolaj Rey was master of the manor, Przyborow became a popular destination for folks invited to hunt on the grounds of the estate. Among the visitors were Henryk Sienkiewicz, Ignacy Paderewski, and Wincenty Witos.

In 1917, all of the Rey properties in Glowaczowa, Przyborow, and Chotowa became owned by the Jablonowski family through the marriage of daughter Helena to Jozef Jablonowski. The Princess Helena Jablonowska is remembered as a very kind and helpful person to all of the residents in the area. She is especially remembered for her deliveries of food to the prisoners of Pustkow concentration camp during World War II.

Although the Jablonowski family's contributions to Poland included son Andrzej killed at the Battle of Kaluzowka in 1944, their manor and estate was nationalized without compensation in 1945 by the communist puppet government. Jozef Jablonowski died in Krakow in 1966. Helena Jablonowska died in Krakow in 1977.

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