Spuscizna = polish heritage  
 Spu talks about Spuscizna Spuscizna

 The Spuscizna Group believes in and  adheres to the policy of "fair use".
 If you find any of the information that we  make available online helpful in the course  of your research, you are welcome to  download and use it.

 All of the above websites, webpages, maps,  and research are provided completely by  volunteers. We charge no fees although we  now incur some limited expenses.

 Our cornerstone is sharing. This is family  history research the way it should be -
 free of charge. And that's merely our
 cordial Polish hospitality.
       "Zastaw sie a postaw sie."

We are a loosely knit group of genealogy collaborators researching our Polish Heritage, specializing in researching Polish Catholic parishes and assisting others in their quest for knowledge about their Polish Heritage. Spuscizna means heritage.

We believe the cornerstone of genealogy research is in the sharing of information and ideas.  Whether you are a veteran researcher or a novice, you have

One of the research goals of the Spuscizna Group is to identify, build, and maintain "unofficial" websites for the old parishes that existed in southeast Poland (specifically the area between Tarnow and Rzeszow) at the turn of the 20th Century. This area had been administered primarily by the Diocese of Tarnow two hundred years ago, but today is divided between the Diocese of Tarnow, Przemysl, and Rzeszow.

Because JewishGen's Kolbuszowa Regional Research Group does such a nice job of providing websites for the former Jewish shtetls (communities) of the area, we have chosen to focus on the old Catholic parishes. We enjoy a good rapport with JewishGen's KRRG and collaborate with them whenever possible.

These are noncommercial and educational websites intended strictly for use by individuals in the course of their own personal research. The use of these websites for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.