Spuscizna = polish heritage  
 Cartoon Introductions Spuscizna Humor

 First, let me introduce myself, I am Matilde  Zaso~wka, your Spuscizna Source-eress.   You can never have too many sources to  back up your data. I can also assist you in  the placement of your tildes ~ .

 Yes, you  read that right,  because many  Polish words  have letters that are not found  in the English  alphabet. In that case, the  Source-eress will  enlighten you and help  you to correctly spell  the words with the use  of the tilde.  I can  point you in the right  direction when you  seek assistance. My  influence reaches all the  way to my  ancestral noble blood in the  village of  Wa~pielsk.  Never hesitate to call  on Ma~!



Ah, computer users, who ever said it would  be easy to do research on the web?Of  course you will face an onslaught of viruses  and worms. These are created by HUMAN  viruses and worms! If you have never been  invaded by either, then surely your time is  coming. You don’t want to fall into the lair of  the evil worms! They’ll wrap around your  software components and lock you out,  intent on destroying anyone who also stands  in their path. When you are out there making  contacts with other researchers, never  assume that all other researchers are  operating in everyone’s best interest, or that  they aren’t trying to make a buck by  copyrighting public records.  Get your  computer protected with the best protection  you can afford. It will be worth it, my  friends! I wouldn’t lead you astray!

 Spu is a mysz or, in English, a mouse. He's a  rather magical mouse because he's the one  who brings an array of Polish history,  geography, and heritage to your computer  screen. Today's internet is a powerful global  telecommunications tool.

 So, although Spu is small in size,
 he does  provide a mammoth
 amount of information.

 He is, afterall,
 the mouse that ROARED!

Move your mouse over us!
You'll get full action...

 Now, in your travels through Researchville,  steer clear of the Super Genius, Goddess of  Questions and Answers! She is an annoying  little character, who operates under  grandiose delusions that she knows all there  is about Polish Genealogy Research.

We all  know someone like this, don’t we? We think  someone may have dropped a house on her  sister.  People with any real knowledge have  already learned to avoid her, but you have  to get past her first.  

If you cross her, she will conjure up Evil  Lawyer Lee who will fight her battles with his  empty legalese rhetoric.  

Super Genius

And last but not least, there is the Gorilla.  She is a self-styled expert of specifically  chosen Polish villages.She has research that  she will not share, and jealously guards any  records she has accumulated. You all know researchers like her: Can’t bear criticism, won’t tolerate being shown mistakes she has made and has, sadly, transformed herself into this Gorilla mutation. Sightings of her are rare, thank goodness.
(fine print)

With the exception of Matilde the Sourceress, any  resemblance of any person , living or dead, to any of the characters on this Humor Page is  coincidental and not intended.
The characters are purely fictional to illustrate the humor of the accompanying text.