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Straszecin Parish  is located in southeast Poland adjacent to the city of Debica in the province of Podkarpackie. The parish was founded circa 1275 and was part of the Deanery of Debica in 1328. At one time, the parish had its own school, hospital, college, plus an auxiliary chapel in Glowaczowa. The wooden church dedicated as Narodzenia Najswietszej Marji Panny lasted from 1511 to 1945. In 1800, the parish was diagonal in shape running along the northwest side of the Wisloka River, roughly ten miles long and four miles wide.  Straszecin colorfully translated is Creepy Hollow.

The local economy of the area has always been based on its forests, raising animals, and agriculture. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century its chief export was immigrants because  the area had become overpopulated and economic opportunities were nil.

The Russian Army burned the original church building, and all its precious records, in 1945. This is a North American perspective of our family parish as it existed when we left home and it has become today.


Within Poland and Europe.
Straszecin Parish, 1890:
  • Straszecin
  • Grabiny
  • Glowaczowa
  • Chotowa
  • Wola Wielka
  • Gora Motyczna
  • Zyrakow
  • Wola Zyrakowska
  • Golemki
  • Zdzary
Straszecin Parish
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Sundays: 7:00, 9:00,11:00, 14:30,18:00 (17:00)
In Glowaczowa: 8:00, 9:30
At hospital: 10:30
Weekdays: 6:30, 17:00
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Dennis Benarz (Dionizy Bieniasz), Chicago USA
Karen Wisniewski, Detroit USA
Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2002-2014
Wszystkich Swietych
39-218 Straszecin 86

Tel: (0-14) 68-23-494
Email: straszecin
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